The company has five-member Board of Directors and 10 Founder Directors, and a Chief Executive Officer.

Mrs Jahnavi Tiwari, Chairperson Director
DIN: 08848753
Mrs Tiwari is a farmer based in Saharanpur district. Apart from farming she is involved in social work and has long experience in organising women around self-help groups, tackling violence against women, creating gender awareness, etc. She is a trainer, has travelled extensively all over India, and exposure to all the good work being done among rural populace.

Mrs Suresho Saini, Director
DIN: 08890402
Mrs Saini is a farmer and a women activist. She has played a critical role in providing relief to women, who are victim of violence of all kinds, particularly domestic violence. She has expertise in local self-governance on village level, i.e., panchayati raj. As women activist she has participated in a number of training programmes organised at the state level.

Mr Arun Kumar, Director
DIN: 8890481
Mr Kumar is a farmer. He has organised a large number of farmers into self-help groups and linked them with banks and financial institutions for credit. He is convenor of Mahila Mazdoor Evam Laghu Kisan Sangathan, an organisation of women labourers and small farmers, and played critical role in reaching benefits of the government schemes to the rural populace.

Mr Riyasat Ali, Director
DIN: 0833941
Mr Ali is a farmer and social worker. He has expertise in organising and training farmers on their different issues. He is a community organiser of repute and specialises in staging street plays highlighting the social issues being faced by the people. He is also on the board a reputed local non-governmental organisation and a micro-finance company.

Mrs Roshan Devi, Director
DIN: 08848751
Mrs Devi is a local farmer. She has extensively worked with women farmers. She has been a part of countrywide campaign that sought status of farmers to the women working in agriculture sector. She is widely travelled and has attended a number of training organised by different organisations. She also has experience in nurturing self-help groups.

Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Tasneem Bano, DIN 9214180

Mrs Bano has working experience of over 10 years with a non-governmental organisation. She has expertise in managing projects targeted at women empowerment. She is widely travelled and has attended a number of training organised in different parts of the country. She is a project manager, social development trainer, community organiser and community mobiliser, all into one. She is also associated with the countywide campaign that seeks status of farmers to women in the farming sector.