At present the following activities are going on:

1. Membership Drive

At present membership drive to enrol farmers in the company is going on. A member has to be farmer and must possess khatauni number and Aadhaar Card. He/she also has to provide Permanent Account Number (PAN) and mobile number, if he/she has. The person seeking membership has to fill a simple form and pay a one-time membership fee of Rs 500. So far 290 farmers have been enrolled and out of these over 30 per cent re women.

2. Licence for Input Shop

Application for opening an input shop has been filed before the licensing authorities. As soon as the licence is obtained the input shop will be opened at a suitable location in Sultanpur-Chilkana. The shop will provide quality seeds, pesticides, herbicides, medicines, etc., on a reasonable rate.

3. Loan for Working Capital

A loan of Rs 5,00,000 has been arranged from Samunnati Financial Intermediation Services Pvt. Ltd. This loan is being utilised for initial activities of the company, like setting up of office, purchase of office equipment, etc.