Like India and Uttar Pradesh, agriculture in Saharanpur district is marked by a large number of dispersed and fragmented small land holdings. Around 85 per cent of the land holdings belong to small and marginal farmers. Being unorganised these farmers are unable to realise good value for their produce.

Many studies and implemented pilot projects indicate that the problems encountered by the small and marginal farmers can be mitigated to a large extend by organising them into producers organisations. These producer organisations enable member farmers to reap the benefits of economies of scale in purchase of inputs, processing, and marketing of their produce. They can also provide member farmers access to timely and adequate credit and provide linkages to markets.

Keeping the above in mind, Progressive Women Farmers’ Producer Company Limited has been formed in Saharanpur district. This is a company dedicated to all round development of farmers, particularly women farmers. The company was registered on October 7, 2020.